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The Twisted Treeline. Health: 0 0 per level. Attack Damage: 0 0 per level. Attack Speed: 0 0 % per level. Movement Speed: 0. Health Regen: 0 0 per level. Armor: 0 0 per level. Magic Resist: 0 0 per level.
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RP Cost Last Sale. Irelia 880 3 months ago. Order of the Lotus Irelia 750 2 years ago. Infiltrator Irelia 975 Legacy. Frostblade Irelia 975 5 years ago. Aviator Irelia 520 5 years ago. Nightblade Irelia 520 5 years ago.
League champion rework: Irelia ability kit revealed The Rift Herald. clock. menu. more-arrow. no. yes. poly-lt-wire-logo. poly-lt-wire-logo. poly-lt-wire-logo.
Irelia should be open for testing on the Public Beta Environment this week and is planned to be released on the live servers in Patch 8.7. Passive Ionian Fervor. Hitting enemies with spells grant Irelia stacks of Ionian Fervor for a few seconds.
Perfection of Form Irelia Rework Runes Rune Forge League of Legends. Twitter_Logo_Blue. icon-position-top. icon-position-jungle. icon-position-middle. icon-position-bottom. icon-position-support.
Coup De Grace allows Irelia to continue chipping away at her target until their life bar is fully depleted. If you're' planning to duel to the death a lot, Last Stand can be a vital option to hold your ground.
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1 2 3 4 5 6 Next. 16.3 / 0.4 / 5.7. 9.2 / 0.8 / 10.4. 13.3 / 1.4 / 7.2. 8.8 / 0.9 / 6.8. 12.2 / 1.7 / 7.1. Not GL Outlast. 20.5 / 1.5 / 4.9.
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Get the Desktop Client to get champion statistics like this, automatically! the Blade Dancer. Games Played 3267. Pick Rate 6.91%. Win Rate 48%. View Irelia's' Stats at Champion.GG. All Top Jungle Mid Bot Support. Saturday, January 19th, 2019. Recent Final Builds.
Chronicles of Elyria.

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