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SONA for UofL students Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.
SONA for UofL students. For UofL Students. We students at UofL, we feature a user-friendly online system SONA where you can read short descriptions of studies currently being conducted and sign up to participate all with just the click of a button!
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SONA BallyCara: BallyCara.
BallyCaras SONA approach is a proven methodology for individualised care and services which was created in 2011 in response to a review of the organisations unique lifestyle philosophy. SONA is Gaelic for Happiness, reflecting BallyCaras Irish heritage and the BallyCaras commitment to inspiring healthy and happy living.
Sona Psychology.
Instructions for researchers.: If you are planning to run your own research study and would like it to be listed in the Sona system, please email the following information to Dr. Title and description of your research study to be viewed by potential participants.
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If the PI does not have a SONA account, please obtain one by clicking on Request Account on that same page. Email sona@aggies.usu.edu with the IRB approval letter, stating that the researchers agree to abide by the IRB and report any changes that are made to the SONA project directly to the IRB and to the SONA administrator.
Sona Pharmacy Clinic Asheville, NC Drugstore Clinic.
Learn about what Sona Access can do for your patients. Read about Sona Access. Book an Appointment. Our Sona pharmacists are here to help you achieve your health goals! Book a one on one appointment with a Sona pharmacist to develop your personalized health plan today.
SONA Department of Psychology University of Nevada, Reno.
If a student fails to show up and fails to provide a reasonable excuse unexcused, no-show, they will be barred from further participation in the SONA pool for the remainder of that course and must complete the alternative assignments instead.

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