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T Dodge her Q with your E dash. She'll' be way weaker, and then recast your E to stun her. Then auto Q auto W and she's' dead. Sep 27th, 2019. Copyright 2011-2021 SoloMid Network. Terms of Service. SIGN IN TO LOL COUNTER.
Jungle Tier List 11.4 Jungle Champion 11.4 Tier List Season 11.
Dr Mundo Jungle is a very strong jungler champion, this is mainly due to his Q giving him a real advantage with clear and pressure. At level 6 if you happen to get low from creep damage or a lane gank gone wrong, using your ult will help keep you healthy.
Best Nunu Ult YouTube.
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Surrender at 20: Nunu's' Ult Granting Vision for Enemies is a bug!
Nunu's' Ult Granting Vision for Enemies is a bug! Posted on May 25, 2012 at 345: AM by Moobeat. As of the last patch, Nunu s ultimate started to give away his location and send players into a frenzy! They feared gone would be the days of sneaky Nunu ults that caught teams by surprise.
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Six Armenian Poets Hrachya Sarukhan, Violet Grigorian, Khachik Manoukyan, Azniv Sahakyan, Anatoli Hovhannisyan, Hasmik Simonian Google Boeken.
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Chillout: Nunu Ult.
league of legends Which crowd control effects cancel Nunu's' ultimate? Arqade.
Add a comment. Yes, Nunu ult get's' canceled by any hard cc, but I want to add, that its damage isn't' bigest factor in late game teamfights. It's' slow and that enemies needs to use their stuns on you and not your carries.

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