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vor Wiktionary.
ele / ei vor modal auxiliary, third-person plural form of vrea, used with infinitives to form future indicative tenses. they will bnuiesc c vor vrea s fac eu ceva pentru ei I guess they will want me to do something for them.
Urban Dictionary: VoR.
The term VOR" can be used as an adjective, a verb, or a noun. Did you VOR on the weekend? Are we VORing tonight? I've' got a bottle of VOR. Yeah, I broke it when I was VOR. WYA noob, are you VOR?
VOR What does VOR stand for? The Free Dictionary.
More than 200000, people are expected to visit Abu Dhabi's' VOR Destination Village, which will be open to the public from December 12 until January 3, when the race fleet will depart for its next endurance sailing leg to Sanya, China.
VHF omnidirectional range Wikipedia.
VOR signals offer a predictable accuracy of 90 m 300 ft, 2 sigma at 2 NM from a pair of VOR beacons; 6 as compared to the accuracy of unaugmented Global Positioning System GPS which is less than 13 meters, 95%.
VOR ICAO AIP Data Set AIXM Confluence.
In the AIP collocated VOR and DME Navaids are usually referred to as VOR/DME or DVOR/DME respectively. A VOR instance may also be collocated with a TACAN. A VOR and TACAN may only maintain a single collocation relationship at a time.
Brussels VOR-DME BUB @ OurAirports.
Name: Brussels VOR-DME. Frequency: 114.60 MHz. Location: 50.902199 span class'label'/span' 50 54.131927 N span class'label'/span' N50 54 07, 4.538060 span class'label'/span' 04 32.283611 E span class'label'/span' E004 32 17, 187160ft160/; 57160m160MSL.; Intended use: high and low-level enroute navigation high power.
VOR/DME Wikipedia.
VOR/DME beacon symbol used on aeronautical charts. VOR/DME refers to combined radio navigation station for aircraft, which consists of two radio beacons, placed together, a VHF omnidirectional range VOR and distance measuring equipment DME. VOR produces an angle between the station and the receiver in the aircraft, while DME does the same for range.
Vor Wikipedia.
Vor Star Wars, a race in the Star Wars universe. VOR, a 1958 science fiction novel by James Blish. Vor Daj, protagonist of the 1940 novel Synthetic Men of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Russian title of the 1997 film The Thief.

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