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In October 2010, a vor named Armen Kazarian, an Armenian-American known as Pzo, was charged for coordinating the largest single Medicare fraud ever uncovereda network of 118 clinics across 25 states that netted more than 100 million in bogus claims.
For Example: When you are walking your head is not staying perfectly still, yet objects dont rotate or jump up and down if the VOR is working properly. The VOR is triggering your eyes to move in the opposite direction of your head to keep objects in focus.
VOR/DME Wikipedia.
VOR/DME beacon symbol used on aeronautical charts. VOR/DME refers to combined radio navigation station for aircraft, which consists of two radio beacons, placed together, a VHF omnidirectional range VOR and distance measuring equipment DME. VOR produces an angle between the station and the receiver in the aircraft, while DME does the same for range.
Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.
The first ever Gothenburg summit, attended by HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, saw progressive announcements to tackle the plastic crisis from the Swedish Government and Volvo Cars. Gothenburg to The Hague positionsReport.position_at amDateFormat'D: MMMM YYYY.' Positions at: positionsReport.position_at amDateFormat'HHmmss: UTC.
VOR 100% Icelandic Pot Distilled Gin 0.5L 47% Vol. VOR Gin.
VOR is Icelandic for spring. The arctic spring in Iceland inspired the creation of the aromatic VOR Icelandic Gin, while the spirit owes its lively taste to the Icelandic summer. The makers of VOR have sought to capture the essence of Icelandic nature with the carefully selected and hand-picked botanicals that are used in the production of their premium gin.
vor Wiktionary.
ele / ei vor modal auxiliary, third-person plural form of vrea, used with infinitives to form future indicative tenses. they will bnuiesc c vor vrea s fac eu ceva pentru ei I guess they will want me to do something for them.
VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range VOR SKYbrary Aviation Safety.
Alternatively, the VOR radial may be combined with magnetic heading from the aircraft compass to provide a bearing relative to the aircraft axis, which cn be used to home to the beacon. VOR beacons are frequently used as way-points on conventional Airway systems, or as the basis for a Non-Precision Approach.
VHF omnidirectional range Wikipedia.
Notice that the pilot sets the VOR to indicate the reciprocal; the aircraft will follow the 90 radial while the VOR indicates that the course to" the VOR station is 270. This is called proceeding" inbound on the 090 radial" The pilot needs only to keep the needle centered to follow the course to the VOR station.

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