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The ceremony opening of the mouth was carried out by priests on both the mummy and the mummy case in order to prepare the deceased for the journey to the afterworld. One theory suggests that examination of his mummy revealed a wound near his left ear, which would have caused a cerebral haemorrhage.
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He was considered to be the most well-preserved ice mummy in the world until the discovery of Mummy Juanita in 1995. Mummy Juanita was discovered near the summit of Ampato in the Peruvian section of the Andes mountains by archaeologist Johan Reinhard.
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The Mummy 1999. PG-13 2h 4min Action, Adventure, Fantasy 7 May 1999 USA. An American serving in the French Foreign Legion on an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra accidentally awakens a mummy that wreaks havoc on him, and his crew.
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Princess Ahmanet Sofia Boutella is not the first female mummy in the Universal Monsters. Before her are.: The Mummy 1932, Imhotep Boris Karloff searched across millennia for his mummified lover, Ankhesenamun Zita Johann, who had been reincarnated as Helen Grosvenor.
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Two video game adaptations of The Mummy were published by Konami and Universal Interactive in 2000: an Action Adventure for the PlayStation and PC developed by Rebellion Developments, 43 as well as a Game Boy Color puzzle game developed by Konami Nagoya.
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77 The 2014 film Dracula Untold was originally considered to be the first film in the series; however, since the film's' release, the connection to Dark Universe was downplayed, and The Mummy was re-positioned as the first film in the series.
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WONDER WOMAN Trailer 2017 http// GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Trailer 2 2017 http// Mummy is a new movie by Alex Kurtzman, starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Annabelle Wallis. Our gaming-channel http// Note The Mummy trailer courtesy of Universal Pictures.
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THE MUMMY: First 5 Clips from the Movie 2017 Duration: 451. FilmSelect Trailer 507735, views. The Mummy Official Trailer 2 HD Duration: 236. Universal Pictures 13663372, views. Why Princess Ahmanet From The Mummy Looks So Familiar Duration: 453. Looper 1950575, views.

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