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SWmud Races Trandoshan.
They value hunting above all else and worship a female deity known as the Scorekeeper, who awards jagannath points to Trandoshans based on their success or failure in the hunt. They have a difficult time manipulating delicate objects with their relatively clumsy clawed hands.
A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 7: Origins Guest Starring Fiona Staples and Ben Rankel Bothan Banter A Star Wars RPG Campaign.
Join us as we delve into the past and uncover the story of an orphan Trandoshan finding refuge amongst outsiders and the beginning of endless bad luck for one ornery Duros. age of rebellion ben rankel edge of the empire fantasy flight games fiona staples force and destiny Gamemaster Image Comics kurtis wiebe Nar Shaddaa Rebel Alliance roleplaying RPG RPG podcast Saga star wars star wars actual play Star Wars RPG The Empire.
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Steam WorkshopCGI: Trandoshan NPC/Playermodels.
Official Collection of CGI SWRP Addons. We are proud to announce our new Package, CGI Trandoshan NPC/Playermodels Package! Trandoshans were sentient humanoids with smooth, scaly skin. Trandoshans ranged from being tall and fairly gaunt, to being short and more rotund.
Trandoshan Codex Entries Star Wars: The Old Republic.
These points denote an individuals status in Trandoshan society and purportedly determine a Trandoshans eventual fate in the afterlife; consequently, even outside of physical combat, Trandoshan society is extremely competitive. Trandoshans share their native star system with the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk, and the two species have a long and vicious history together.
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Trandoshan Commando Voice Kinect Star Wars Video Game Behind The Voice Actors.
News Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. Kinect Star Wars. Dee Bradley Baker is the voice of Trandoshan Commando in Kinect Star Wars. Video Game: Kinect Star Wars. Franchise: Star Wars. Trandoshan Commando VOICE.

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