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RM Irrigation Equipment.
This means, for example, that the rm utility cannot run out of file descriptors during its descent that is, if the number of file descriptors is limited, rm cannot be implemented in the historical fashion where one file descriptor is used per directory level.
RM Wikipedia.
RM, a clothing line designed by Roland Mouret. RM Auctions, a classic car auction company. Reichle De-Massari RM, a Swiss family business specializing in information and communications technology. RM plc a British company specialising in providing products and services to educational organizations and establishments.
rm1 Mac OS X Manual Page.
Also, historical BSD implementations prompted on the standard output, not the standard error output. STANDARDS The rm command is almost IEEE Std 1003.2 POSIX.2' compatible, except that POSIX requires rm to act like rmdir1 when the file specified is a directory.
rm man page.
To remove a file whose name starts with a, for example foo, use one of these commands: rm foo rm /-foo Note that if you use rm to remove a file, it is usually possible to recover the contents of that file.
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20 21 On December 14, after clips from Spotify UK surfaced on Twitter, it was officially confirmed that RM had featured on the remix of Fall Out Boy s song" Champion" 22 and the track was released worldwide on December 15 at midnight across all major music streaming sites.
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rm is generally only seen on UNIX derived operating systems, which typically do not provide for recovery of deleted files through a mechanism like the recycle bin, 1 hence the tendency for users to enclose rm in some kind of wrapper to limit accidental file deletion.
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