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There are also many books devoted specifically to vi. I don't' have any preference, so your best bet might be to ask your local vi guru where they learned. Also, play around. Fire up vi with a non-important document your dissertation is NOT a good document to learn vi with.
The Traditional Vi.
Compared to most of its many clones, the traditional vi is a rather small program the binary size is approximately 160 kBytes on i386 just with its extremely powerful editing interface, but lacking fancy features like multiple undo, multiple screens, or syntax highlighting.
VI-Aircraft The specialized aircraft and landing gear simulation software from VI-grade.
A user can, for example, change a strut metering pin with only a few mouse clicks, instead of waiting for a mechanic to install a new metering pin, as required with physical testing. Run designs over a variety of conditions, without having to duplicate those conditions with expensive tests.
vi Wiktionary.
Rowling English author, Harry Potter e o Enigma do Príncipe Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Rocco, page 135: Não vi o tempo passar. I didn't' notice the time passing. vi dative form of voi; form of v. Usage notes edit. Sid Meier's' Civilization VI Nintendo Switch: Take 2 Interactive: Video Games.
Explore the world, advance your culture, wage war, and make peace as you compete against historys most renowned leaders to build an empire that will stand the test of time. And now on Nintendo Switch, the quest to victory in Civilization VI can take place wherever, whenever.
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Up to version 3.7 of vi, created in October 1981, 18 UC Berkeley was the development home for vi, but with Bill Joy's' departure in early 1982, to join Sun Microsystems, and ATT's' UNIX System V January 1983 adopting vi, 20 changes to the vi codebase happened more slowly and in a more dispersed and mutually incompatible way.
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Future Proofing the Financial Markets VI Company. VI Company.
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