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the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet see Alphabet Table. See nu defined for kids. Recent Examples of nu from the Web. The band, which debuted in 1994, were pioneers in the genre of nu metal, combining elements of alternative rock and hip hop.
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and NU Domain Ltd own and operate the NU ccTLD. The companies in question are operating the registry for nu on behalf of the Internet Users Society, but it is incorrect to state that they own" the TLD, as TLDs in general are delegated and managed rather than owned.
Nu letter Wikipedia.
In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 50. It is derived from the ancient Phoenician nun Its Latin equivalent is N, though the lowercase resembles the Roman lowercase v displaystyle nu The name of the letter is written in Ancient Greek and traditional Modern Greek polytonic orthography, while in Modern Greek it is written ni.
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