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Singed Build Guides: League of Legends Strategy Builds.
Snow Day Singed 975 Special Events. Augmented Singed 975 5 years ago. Hextech Singed 520 5 years ago. Mad Scientist Singed 750 Legacy. Surfer Singed 975 6 years ago. Riot Squad Singed 975 Special Events. SSW Singed 750 Special Events.
Singed Build S9 Runes, Item Build, Skill Order and Stats Patch 9.1.
How Do I Build Singed S9 Patch 9.1? Since this season 9 Singed Build and Runes will help you deal Magic damage, you will be focusing on building Unique item set thats geared towards maximizing the champions ability kit. Champions Like Singed.
Singed Counters: Counter Picking Stats for Singed by CounterStats.
Ranked 7 out of 58 in Top Singed Counters for all roles taken from 12361, 27 146 5448, 6745, 0 matches. Total Singed Counters: 77 Champions across 2 Lanes. Top Lane 78% Singed Top Lane Counters: 9588, 5241, 4207, 118 22 0 matches, 51 counter champions.
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League of Legends.
The Twisted Treeline. Health: 0 0 per level. Attack Damage: 0 0 per level. Attack Speed: 0 0 % per level. Movement Speed: 0. Health Regen: 0 0 per level. Armor: 0 0 per level. Magic Resist: 0 0 per level.
Singed Pro Builds, Guides, Stats, Runes, Masteries
Get the Desktop Client to get champion statistics like this, automatically! the Mad Chemist. Games Played 94. Pick Rate 0.2%. Win Rate 48%. View Singed's' Stats at Champion.GG. All Top Jungle Mid Bot Support. Saturday, January 19th, 2019. Recent Final Builds.

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