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Iran Chamber Society: History of Iran: Darius The Great.
Darius The Great. D arius I Hystaspes, or Darius the Great, king of Persia 522-486 BCE. Through his father Hystaspes, Darius belonged to the Achaemenid family, as did Cyrus The Great and his son Cambyses II, but to a different branch of this family.
Ancient Mesopotamia: Biography of Darius I.
Legend has it that the king, Cyrus the Great, had a dream that Darius would one day rule the world. He ordered Darius father to keep an eye on Darius and make sure that he did not try and kill Cyrus son Cambyses II.
Urban Dictionary: Darius.
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Darius I Biography Biography.
Soon after victory, Darius headed westward to annex Hindush modern-day Pakistan into his empire. Darius as Emperor. Darius divided the empire into 20 provincial satrapies, with each one given a governor, or satrapmany of whom were loyal relatives of the anti-Gaumata conspirators.
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Darius the Great Wikipedia.
While there is no absolute consensus about the adherence of the kings before Darius, such as Cyrus and Cambyses, it is well established that Darius was an adherent of Zoroastrianism 60 or at least a firm believer in Ahura Mazda.
Darius I king of Persia
Alternative Titles: Darayavaush, Darius the Great. Darius I, byname Darius the Great, born 550 bc died 486, king of Persia in 522486 bc, one of the greatest rulers of the Achaemenid dynasty, who was noted for his administrative genius and for his great building projects.
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