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Click to expand. Your unun looks good, and the windings and solder connections appear to be in the right place, but if any of the enamel coating wore or chipped off where the wires touched, it may be difficult to tell if there is a short with a visual inspection.
Unun Wikipedia.
Unun transformer transfers signal from one unbalanced line to another. unun prefix for elements from number 110, that has not yet got a proper name. Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term.
9/1 UNUN ON7FU Ferrite Applications.
The feedpoint impedance of such a random wire length referred to ground varies widely, depending on the frequency used and the setup shape of the antenna. In order to transform the average feedpoint impedance of the antenna within the comfortable tuning range of an good a-symmetric antenna tuner, a 9/1 UNUN impedance transformer is often used.
Balun and Unun Configurations Palomar Engineers.
Balun and Unun Configurations. We often get the question Do I need a balun or an unun? The proper question is do I need a feed line choke or an impedance transformer whose output is configured as balanced balun or as unbalanced unun?
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antenna construction What is the purpose of a balun and a unun in a feed line? Amateur Radio Stack Exchange.
Amateur Radio beta. What is the purpose of a balun and a unun in a feed line? up vote 11 down vote favorite. I have never understood how a balun or a unun works and under which situation I need to use either of them in an antenna feed line.
When to use an UNUN.
I may be completely confused but it was my understanding that with a unun once you set the device for best impediance, it will work over a wide range of frequencies helping to lower the swr over the entire range?
Playing with end-fed wire antennas and 91: ununs KB6NU's' Ham Radio Blog.
Anyway, since my friend Rich, KA8BMA, had wound his 91: unun on a T106-2 core, I thought Id try this, too, and I just happened to have one in my box o toroids Well, wouldnt you know it, the measurements are much, much better with the T106-2 core than they were with the T80-2 core.The SWR measured 11: on 20m and 17m, something like 1.81: on 40m, and 1.51: on 15m. The frequency response of this unun isnt as flat as the unun wound on the ferrite core, but it is certainly much better than the unun wound on the T80 core.

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