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Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge Champions LoLSkill.
Places a powder keg that can be attacked by Gangplank or his enemies at a location for 25 seconds.If Gangplank destroys a keg, it explodes dealing the attack's' damage as physical damage ignores % Armor to enemies and slowing them by 40/50/60/70/80% for 2 seconds.
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Buying early armor against Gangplank is very effective as it will lower the damage from his Parrrley and auto attacks. Avoid using suppression/stun ultimates on Gangplank because he can cure out of it by using his Wnote: Urgot's' ult will still cause them to switch places.
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3150 790 Attribute. Spooky Gangplank Released: 2010-03-16 / 520 Minuteman Gangplank Released: 2010-07-04 / 520 Sailor Gangplank Released: 2011-01-10 / 750 Toy Soldier Gangplank Released: 2011-12-14 / 975 Special Forces Gangplank Released: 2012-09-13 / 975 Sultan Gangplank Released: 2013-11-13 / 975 Captain Gangplank Released: 2015-08-12 / 975 Dreadnova Gangplank.
Look at the sidebar under Gangplank" Guides" or Champion" Resources" We also offer free Gangplank Coaching to distinguished members of our Discord! Want to join a Gangplank dedicated club on League? Look at the sidebar and under Gangplank" Clubs" there is a long list with different club on most of the regions.
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Sultan Gangplank 975 4 years ago. Sailor Gangplank 750 Legacy. Spooky Gangplank 520 5 years ago. Special Forces Gangplank 975 5 years ago. Minuteman Gangplank 520 5 years ago. Top Gangplank Players. Gangplank Main Server NA Winrate 55% Games 242.
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the Saltwater Scourge. Games Played 184. Pick Rate 0.6%. Win Rate 55%. View Gangplank's' Stats at Champion.GG. All Top Jungle Mid Bot Support. Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. Recent Final Builds. Most Recent Winning Build Orders. Popular Summoners Spells. Teleport / Flash.
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More Definitions for gangplank. English Language Learners Definition of gangplank.: a board or other structure that people walk on to get on or off a ship. See the full definition for gangplank in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Kids Definition of gangplank.:
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From gang way, path, course of travel plank board. gangplank plural gangplanks. nautical A board used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside. Derived terms edit. walk the gangplank. Related terms edit. board used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside.

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