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Ur is likely the city of Ur Kasdim mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the birthplace of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim patriarch Abraham Ibrahim in Arabic, traditionally believed to have lived some time in the 2nd millennium BC.
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Thot's' phwat we will, ur we'll' t ur run th ould mountain over! Frank Merriwell Down South. Ur, as we have seen, was the time-honored seat of the Moon-god. Bingani-sar-ali was the son of Naram-Sin, but we do not yet Ur dynasty.
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German words prefixed with ur. Terms derived from ur. 1.0 1.1 ur in Websters New Collegiate Dictionary: Based on Websters Third New International Dictionary, 8th edition, Springfield, Mass: George Charles Merriam, 1973 1974 printing, OCLC 299192187. From Old Irish er.
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Moronic abbreviation for your, you are, or you're' It should NOT be pronounced" yur, but rather how it looks: ur rhyming with purr, fur, her, etc. A city of ancient Sumer in southern Mesopotamia on a site in present-day southeast Iraq.
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These people founded the first dynasty of Babylon 19th16th cent ur ies, whose most important king was Hamm ur abi. In the 17th cent ur y new ethnic groups appeared in both Babylonia and Syria-Palestine: Kassites from the Zagros Mountains.,
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UR is owned by a foundation which also owns the Swedish Radio and Swedish Television companies. UR is financed by radio TV licence payments, 520, % of which go to UR during the permit period 2014-2019. UR has about 230 employees.
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Job Announcement: Project CoordinatorProject Civil Engineer. UR International Conference on Transformational Higher Education: Research, Learning, Teaching and Assessment for Sustainable Development has been postponed. Advert for teaching positions at the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics. Announcement to 2018-2019 Undergraduate applicants.

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