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Jinx 975 3 months ago. Slayer Jinx 1350 3 years ago. Firecracker Jinx 1350 4 years ago. Mafia Jinx 975 4 years ago. Star Guardian Jinx 1820 Never! Ambitious Elf Jinx 1350 Never! Odyssey Jinx 1350 Never! Top Jinx Players.
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If your sister gets a flat tire every single time you ride in her car, she may have good reason to accuse you of being a jinx, or a bringer of bad luck. When your bad luck makes you think there's' a jinx on you, you believe that you're' cursed.
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Jinx vs Jinx Ep.3 The Rapper Duration: 2 minutes, 9 seconds. 2 years ago. Jinx vs Jinx Ep.4 The DM Slider Duration: 2 minutes, 39 seconds. 2 years ago. Jinx vs Jinx Ep.5 The Stoner Duration: 2 minutes, 34 seconds.
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Used after the same response is said by two people simultaneously. Often, a game is played where the person who failed to say jinx" first becomes jinxed, whereby they cannot speak until someone says their name. Used after simultaneous response.
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Scott Lauber,, Phillies" Rhys Hoskins unconcerned about Home Run Derby impacting his swing, 12 July 2018 This week, England ended their infamous penalty kick shootout jinx, Sweden continued their unlikely run, Belgium survived a thriller and Brazil dilapidated Mexicos dreams.
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Most mysterious of all in the psychics of baseball is the jinx, that peculiar hoodoo" which affects, at times, a man, at other times a whole team. Let a man begin to think that there is a jinx" about, and he is done for for the time being.
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and later referenced in Pitching at a Pinch 1912, Christy Mathewson 8 explained that a" jinx is something which brings bad luck to a ball player" Baseball's' most common jinx" belief is that talking about a pitcher's' ongoing no-hitter will cause it to be ended.

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