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Dathomirian? Zabrak? Nightsisters and Nightbrothers? What ARE Maul/Savage/Ventress, exactly?: StarWars.
Of course this is just another theory, mostly based on the fact that by my understanding there is a throwaway comment in TCW saying that there is a colony" of Zabrak" on Dathomir, which implies that the Zabrak are regular Zabrak and not some strange hybrid.
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Zabrak culture, both Iridonian and Dathomiran, dictate the receiving of a face and body tattoo upon coming of age. While the Dathomiran tattoos are heavy and thick, the Iridonian tattoos are thin and delicate think of the Zabrak skin from the last game which incidentally should definitely be in this game.
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Zabrak from Iridonia are renowned for developing strict regimens of martial training, and the discipline and perseverance they teach are instilled in all young Zabrak. The Zabrak colonies are situated near vital hyperspace lanes, enticing the naturally inquisitive Zabrak to further explore the galaxy.
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This name generator will generate 10 random names fit for the Zabrak species in the Star Wars The Old Republic universe. The Zabrak are a species of strong, independent humanoids with horns on their heads and often oddly colored skin and eyes.
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The Dathomirian Zabrak males, known as the Nightbrothers, are easily identifiable by the intimidating crown of horns around their head, as well as the distinct markings on their skin. The females, known as Nightsisters, have pale skin and are known to be powerful witches.
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Zabrak is a village in Balkhab District, Sar-e Pol Province, in northern Afghanistan. 1 It lies north of Gawanak, south of Alar, and west of Jawak and Chiras. The nearest major towns are Mazar-i-Sharif to the northeast and Meymaneh to the northwest.

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