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The Failure of U Nu and the Return of the Armed Forces in Burma on JSTOR.
Thoughtful scholarly reflections on all aspects of politics including analysis of institutions and techniques, analysis of literary reflections on politics, political interpretations of literary works, and constitutional theory and analysis are also welcome. Some of the first essays advocating realism were published in The Review, as well as articles from its opponents in international relations; both perspectives are accepted parts of the journal's' coverage.
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As a popular figure with early connections to Aung San and other nationalists from their student days, however, Nu was drawn back into the politics of the AFPFL where he initially struggled to keep its Communist contingent within the party.
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In March 1962, however, Ne Win staged a coup d├ętat, establishing a military government and putting U Nu in prison. Following his release from prison, U Nu left Myanmar 1969 and began organizing a resistance movement against the Ne Win government.
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U Nu, First Premier of Independent Burma and Democracy Advocate, Dies at 87 The New York Times.
Nu's' years as Prime Minister, his" reputation for personal honesty, integrity, devotion to Buddhism and determination to end corruption won him considerable support" from the populace, but his Government was plagued by political factionalism, unsuccessful economic planning, armed conflict with Communists and ethnic minority groups separatism and revolts.
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Released after the Japanese invaded, U Nu served as foreign minister and information minister in the Japanese-installed government of the nationalist leader Ba Maw. But even while serving in the puppet government, U Nu was organizing an anti-Japanese guerilla force.

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