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Trandoshan and Wookies, why the hate? SpaceBattles Forums.
That doesn't' explain why Trandoshan hate Wookies it explains why Wookies hate Trandoshan. The Trandoshan don't' just hunt the Wookies and the Wookies hate them for it, the Trandoshans HATE the Wookies a lot, and I can't' really figure out why.
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By thirty five standard years, Trandoshans were middle-aged, and those living past fifty were considered old. Any Trandoshan living over sixty years was thought to be venerable, and were greatly respected by society. A trandoshan during the Old Republic era, fighting Sith Troopers.
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Similar to the Rodians they had the ability to see infered colours. They were known for being great hunters, even to a point where it would be a rite of passage for a young Trandoshan to take part in a hunt.
Star Wars: 15 Things You Didnt Know About Bossk ScreenRant.
The Legends continuity made Bossk out to be typically amoral and ruthless for a Trandoshan bounty hunter. His characterization got some significant changes in the new continuity when Bossk featured as a main character in the 2014 YA novel Ezras Gamble, by Ryder Winham.
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Please try again later. Published on Jun 20, 2018. Learn all about the Trandoshan species, first made famous by the bounty hunter Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back! Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every day! Support the channel: https//
They have long arms and legs, and are known to be excellent hunters. Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back., Star Wars Rebels., Star Wars: The Clone Wars., Ahsoka Hunted on Wasskah. Ahsoka is pursued by Trandoshan sport hunters on the moon of Wasskah.
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Dosh to English Trandoshan Translator. Generate Random Sentence. This is your basic guide to speak dosh. Ever wanted to make a random text generator? CREATE A TRANSLATOR. Load Disqus Comments. Please enable JavaScript to view comments. LingoJam 2019 Home Terms Privacy.
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Trandoshans have prep time and use all equipment Slaver blades, Trandoshan double blades, Trandoshans Hunting Rifle, Trandoshan sword, Multiple Missile Launcher Turret, Blasters, etc. Yautja don't' expect them to be as technological advanced so bring a limited amount of gear Plasma Caster, Shuriken, Spear gun, Wrist blades and Netgun They do not have their self destruct device so Trandoshans can pick up Yautja weaponary.,

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