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The Chiss military consisted of the Chiss Defense Fleet. In their rare contacts with outsiders, the Chiss used the Sy Bisti trade language. Aside from the long form of their names, the Chiss also used shortened variantsfor example" Mitth'raw'nuruodo' could be shortened to Thrawn.
Steam Workshop: The Chiss Species.
the outfit of a chiss general male and female. the outfit of a chiss admiral male and female. the outfit of a chiss aristocrat for female governeurs. Chiss name list with over 2500 unique male and female names. the symbol of the Chiss Ascendancy.
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Although the books don't' explain the blue skin, we do know that Chiss are an off-shoot of Humans and share many of humanity's' distinctive qualities, like variations in facial features, general proportions, and life-span. The Chiss differ from Humans when it comes to culture.
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Chinese Health Information Standardization Society CHISS is a national academic organization of China engaged in producing and advocating the adoption of national standards relevant to health information. The members of CHISS come from various aspects that have some interests in healthcare domain.
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Copy link to Tweet. It says in TLJ novelization that the First Order conquered large parts of the unknown regions during there rise to power, how cool would it be to see Ezra Thrawn fighting together for The Chiss against the First Order.
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