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UNU's' work on E-waste United Nations ESCAP.
UNU's' work on E-waste. UNU's' work on E-waste. Thursday, June 9, 2016. Presentation by Ms. Deepali Sinha-KhetriwalUNU/, SCYCLE, at the Informal roundtable on addressing the issue of e-waste in consumer electronics value chains through responsible business conduct RBC in South-East Asia.
Better iPhone Battery Life With Unu's' DX-6 Battery Case.
Sporting a 3000 mAh battery, Unu's' latest iPhone case, the DX-6, will not only charge your iPhone but also wrap it up in a choice of three stylish colors white, black, and red versions are available. As one of the first wave of recharging cases, there are a number of practical issues that are common to this class of cases, but Unu have made some interesting design choices that you will need to consider carefully.
United Nations University UNU Greening the Blue.
The" environment and the sustainable use of natural resources is at the heart of the work carried out by the United Nations University. Nearly half of the University's' research institutes focus principally or exclusively on environmental protection, and all UNU's' postgraduate programmes either centre on environmental protection or feature it prominently.
myunu UNU Mobile Solutions and Accessories For Your Favorite Smartphone.
Get all day power in just 15 minutes. A powerful reserve of energy 3000mAh in a power crisis, for the times you need it most. Smart LED Screen. Shows remaining charging times in minutes and current power levels within 1%.
Buy Electric Scooter Online unu.
If you need help, you can either get in touch with us directly or contact one of our partner garages. A Day With unu. Accompany singer-songwriter Mogli on a day in Berlin and discover how unu enables life in the city.
Review: uNu's' DX-6 battery case more than doubles the iPhone 6's' power, with Apple certification Video 9to5Mac.
From a performance standpoint, DX-6 is in the same general performance category as offGRID Express and Tylts Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 review. uNu pitches DX-6s 3000mAh cell as delivering 125% more power for the iPhone 6, which if accurate would have been 4-5% higher than the other 3000mAh battery cases Ive tested.
RA: Unu.
It all began in an afternoon without any other significant events, the last day of march 1982 his birthday. In 1996, together with Dan, they started playing with break-beat and a bit of jungle producing Hard Breakbeat. Appears most with.
Higher Education and Sustainability: UNU's' Vision Guni Network.
One of the most burning problems of today and tomorrow is the question if we are able to move sufficiently fast towards the sustainable development of our society, whether we succeed in securing for coming generations a decent life in peace, in freedom and in good health, and whether we manage to pass on to them a world that offers them similar or even better conditions as the well-off part of today's' world population. Higher Education and Sustainability: UNU's' Vision.

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